Sunday, 14 September 2014

Peter Ting Collection/Review

Oasis Fashion have teamed up with award winning ceramics Designer, Peter Ting for a Flutter collection.  They have taken the beautiful hummingbird design and applied it to eleven pieces. I have purchased two of the pieces because I loved them so much and wanted to give my own opinion on them. The first item I purchased was the 'Peter Ting Pretty Tee'. This was available in the Kingston store but has now sold out in store. I purchased this on uniform. The light blue shade is really attractive and I really like the style of top. I purchased the size 8 and found this was perfect for size. Sometimes at Oasis I find that I have to go a size up on tops because of the chest department. However the size 8 gave me plenty of room to move around.

This top is also available in a jumper. The jumper is stunning too. I did try the jumper on but I much preferred the top on me.

Jamie Jeans, High waisted Ankle Grazers - Topshop (Not online but available in store)

The next item I purchased from the Peter Ting collection was the Peter Ting Bomber Jacket. Unfortunately we never got the jacket in the Kingston store but it was available online. We had one return in a size 16 and I fell in love with it. I preferred my jackets to be oversized so I ordered one in a size 12. Plus at the moment Oasis are doing free delivery online but it is ending today.

 The jacket is really comfortable and wearable. I plan on wearing this a lot when I go back to University. There are also matching trousers to the bomber jacket.

Jamie Jeans - Topshop (Available in store)

Shoes - Primark (Available in store)

Necklace - Oasis (old)

Here's a look at some of the other items from the Peter Ting Collection.

I did try on the trousers however I didn't like how they were loose on the bottom half of the leg. I know this is the style of them but I just don't suit them. I prefer a skinny jean or trouser where it is fitted. The only other item that I keep eyeing up and really like is the Peter Ting Shift Dress. This dress has been really popular online and is a classic Oasis style dress. I love the simplicity of it with the Peter Ting print.

Comment below and let me know what you think about my outfits and what you think about the Peter Collection. Which piece is your favourite? 

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  1. Love the bomber jacket, I really do like this collection!

    1. Thank you :) I know I wasn't sure at the beginning but now I have fallen in love with it.



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