Sunday, 28 September 2014

Back to Parka

I hope everyone is having a great freshers and is having fun going back to school or University. I have just gone back to University myself and decided to do a post showing what I would wear when going back to University. I named this blog post 'Back to Parka' because I feel Parkas are such a great staple for the winter weather. Especially when you are going back to education. I have styled my green parka how I would wear it.

This parka is from Oasis and honestly is the warmest parka ever. It has a furry lining to keep you extra warm. The lining is also detachable. So you can wear it with or without. The faux fur is so soft and it has the extra furry touch around the edge of the hood. I did try on a couple of parkas in different stores and this was my favourite one. There was one in Topshop. Cara Delevingne has promoted it in the Topshop campaign. That particular parka is really nice however the fur lining does not go all the way around so it doesn't keep you as warm. Also it is a similar price to the Oasis coat so you may as well get more for your money.

I decided to choose the green parka because I felt this was a classic colour and would go with a lot more. Although this parka comes in so many other colours so I really recommend having a look on their website if you are interested.

Comment below and let me know what you think about parkas and what is a staple for you when going back to University.

Necklace (Available in store) - Primark

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fall Essentials

Okay I have been going a little crazy recently buying clothes for Autumn. I have just gone back to University so I have been eyeing up a couple of bits. I have a tendency to gravitate towards anything fluffy or tartan. Winter is the perfect time to play around with textures and layering pieces together.

The first couple of items are from the lovely Oasis. I recently purchased a Bomber jacket from the Peter Ting range Oasis came out with. I really like the way bombers look. I think they are the perfect transitional item. Especially when the weather is being indecisive. I have been thinking about purchasing one in black just because black goes with everything. The great thing about this one is that it has a jacquard finish.  

The next item is the Tartan trousers. Tartan never goes out of fashion and this particular tartan is classic. I love the fit of their trousers. Although I do recommend going a size down in these. I am a size 8 in these style of trousers.


If any of you guys really like tartan then I recommend waiting for their tartan Katy Coat they will have coming out soon. I have seen it in their promotional boards in store and it really is beautiful. Unfortunately it is not online or in store yet but should be coming out soon.

This next item I plan on getting on Uniform is this mixed match rose tee. I love the print and the mix in the colour palette. The back is slightly longer than the front and this is always flattering.

The last item from Oasis is the Dora Back Pack. I think the shape of the bag is so cute. It reminds me of going back to school. Because it is quite long I may purchase this to see if my Mac will fit in it. Finding a bag that will fit my Mac in is incredibly difficult.

Topshop have had a couple of fluffy items which I can't help but stroke. I have to admit I couldn't decided whether I liked this top or not. I love the fluffy edge but then it does remind me of a Christmas decoration... Saying that it has now sold out so I'm not the only one who likes it. I think it is very appropriate for the Christmas period. 


I did purchase this next item. It's a fluffy clutch bag! They have it in pink and black. I preferred the black one. I felt that the black one would go with more outfits. It has magnetic clasps to open and close and the bag itself is really big. So it will be perfect for a night out.

The last two items are from H&M. I plan on having a massive shopping trip to H&M because they are doing 20% off for students until the 5th of October. There are loads of big bags at the moment. I really want to get one for my Mac to fit in. These bags are actually big enough to fit a 15" Mac. Here are two styles that I really like. The burgundy bag is the same one Tanya Burr just purchased and showed off in her latest haul.

I will have a couple of outfit posts up next week. I have been really busy going back to University. I also have lots of exciting things planned for the near future. At the end of November I am going to New York as part of my University course. So you guys can look forward to outfit posts in New York. WOOOO!


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Diamond Monochrome

This was another purchase on uniform. I fell in love with the diamond print and how it looks like two separate pieces but actually it's all in one. There are so many ways you can style this dress. As it gets into winter I am planning on wearing it with black tights and maybe a jumper so it just looks like I'm wearing a skirt underneath.  The dress is a size 10 if you are interested in the sizing.

There are a couple of side pockets which is always helpful.

This necklace was the famous one that Kate Middleton wore for a Film Premiere. The necklace was £19.99 from the high street brand Zara. She was criticised for wearing it but I think it looks great. I thought this would be perfect for the neckline of this dress.

Necklace - Zara (old)

Shoes - Primark (Available in store)


Sunday, 14 September 2014

Peter Ting Collection/Review

Oasis Fashion have teamed up with award winning ceramics Designer, Peter Ting for a Flutter collection.  They have taken the beautiful hummingbird design and applied it to eleven pieces. I have purchased two of the pieces because I loved them so much and wanted to give my own opinion on them. The first item I purchased was the 'Peter Ting Pretty Tee'. This was available in the Kingston store but has now sold out in store. I purchased this on uniform. The light blue shade is really attractive and I really like the style of top. I purchased the size 8 and found this was perfect for size. Sometimes at Oasis I find that I have to go a size up on tops because of the chest department. However the size 8 gave me plenty of room to move around.

This top is also available in a jumper. The jumper is stunning too. I did try the jumper on but I much preferred the top on me.

Jamie Jeans, High waisted Ankle Grazers - Topshop (Not online but available in store)

The next item I purchased from the Peter Ting collection was the Peter Ting Bomber Jacket. Unfortunately we never got the jacket in the Kingston store but it was available online. We had one return in a size 16 and I fell in love with it. I preferred my jackets to be oversized so I ordered one in a size 12. Plus at the moment Oasis are doing free delivery online but it is ending today.

 The jacket is really comfortable and wearable. I plan on wearing this a lot when I go back to University. There are also matching trousers to the bomber jacket.

Jamie Jeans - Topshop (Available in store)

Shoes - Primark (Available in store)

Necklace - Oasis (old)

Here's a look at some of the other items from the Peter Ting Collection.

I did try on the trousers however I didn't like how they were loose on the bottom half of the leg. I know this is the style of them but I just don't suit them. I prefer a skinny jean or trouser where it is fitted. The only other item that I keep eyeing up and really like is the Peter Ting Shift Dress. This dress has been really popular online and is a classic Oasis style dress. I love the simplicity of it with the Peter Ting print.

Comment below and let me know what you think about my outfits and what you think about the Peter Collection. Which piece is your favourite? 

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Friday, 12 September 2014

How to save money when shopping - High Street Edition


1. Student Discount (NUS)
If you are a student like me then you have the added benefit of getting student discount. Wooooo! A lot of stores do student discount so always ask when you go to the till point. Some stores will only accept an NUS (National Union of Students) card. You do have to sign up and pay for an NUS card. I think mine roughly cost around £10 and they last you for a year. The great thing about NUS cards is you can apply your student discount to online orders and it gets discounts in other stores. For example Superdrug only accept NUS cards. I recommend getting one if you are a student. It has saved me so much money!

The image below shows what Topshop offers for students.

2. Faulty Items
If you have worked in retail then you will probably know that you can get a discount on an item if it is faulty. It has to be a genuine fault. In most high street stores they will take 10% off an item if it is faulty. However if the fault is significant then they can sometimes take more off. Usually if you have the faulty discount it then means that you cannot return or exchange the item. So make sure you are able to fix the fault. 

3. In-store magazines
I went into River Island yesterday and picked up their in-store magazine by the shoe section. The magazine is free and when I opened it there was a discount on full price womenswear. You can save 20% when you spend £55 or more on full price. Enter the code STYLEW0914.  This offer is only valid from the 12th-19th of September and is for their website only.  


1. Collect from store
When shopping online I always hate paying the post and packaging. A lot of stores now offer a collect from store option. Also collect from store is free! So save yourself the post and packaging fee. This is why I love purchasing from ASOS because they are the only brand I know that does free post and packaging to your house.

2. Hangers
Whenever I shop in store I always ask for the hangers. I usually ask in Topshop or other Arcadia brands because their hangers are actually quite good. Stores won't give away their wooden hangers and I know a couple of stores who won't give out hangers. Although if you don't ask you won't get! It's all about pleasing the customer.

3. Comparing prices In-store and Online
If there is an item I like in River Island I usually will check if ASOS have it first. ASOS offer student discount where as River Island don't. ASOS sell River Island items and as I said it's free post and packaging. So always make sure you compare prices before you purchase!

Comment below and let me know if you have any tips when you go shopping. It's all about helping each other out.

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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bestival 2014

I finally have internet connection! I'm back from Bestival. I went with two of my friends from work and had the best time ever. So I do apologise for the neglect on my blog and my Instagram. Internet connection was not my friend. I have decided to do a blog post showing my experience at Bestival. So not my usual fashion post but figured you guys might be interested. To get to Bestival we took the coach and ferry. The first photo shows us on the ferry at Lymington when we were all clean.

For our first night we went round and explored. The first place we went was a bar called Aperol Spritz. They had a photo booth so we got a cheeky snap too.

Be warned there are many selfies. This is when my hair was still clean. This shows me at our campsite. We camped in the Blue Area next to some really nice Liverpool lads. The Blue Area is known as the quiet area so fortunately we were able to get some sleep. We also camped near to the field of cows.

Heres a selfie by the massive disco ball. The theme was Desert Island Disco. So hence the massive disco ball in the background.

Here's a picture of Sam Smith. Beautfiul voice.

 We also got a bit of face painting done. I went all out with bright pink and glitter.

London Grammar were probably one of my favourite bands who played at Bestival. I never use to listen to them but after seeing them perform I would definitely listen to them. Whilst we were waiting we bumped into my brother and his mate and took some more photos.

My brother wearing the Listerine hat.

 The Port Stage

The last and best performance of Bestival: Chic. Nile Rodgers was absolutely amazing. I pretty much knew every song they sang. I may have lost my voice due to their performance. At the end of their performance there were fireworks and the massive disco ball went up in the air and lit up. Terry <3

Here are the two Liverpool lads we camped next to in the Blue area. Their accents were amazing.

After walking all the way up the hill to get the coach we had the beautiful view of the festival. This was the last picture I took.

Bye Bestival. Comment if you went to Bestival and what was your best bit about it. I will have more photos from my disposable camera once I get it developed. I will also be doing more outfit posts now I'm back in my home town.

For more pictures and information about Bestival visit their website:

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