Friday, 12 September 2014

How to save money when shopping - High Street Edition


1. Student Discount (NUS)
If you are a student like me then you have the added benefit of getting student discount. Wooooo! A lot of stores do student discount so always ask when you go to the till point. Some stores will only accept an NUS (National Union of Students) card. You do have to sign up and pay for an NUS card. I think mine roughly cost around £10 and they last you for a year. The great thing about NUS cards is you can apply your student discount to online orders and it gets discounts in other stores. For example Superdrug only accept NUS cards. I recommend getting one if you are a student. It has saved me so much money!

The image below shows what Topshop offers for students.

2. Faulty Items
If you have worked in retail then you will probably know that you can get a discount on an item if it is faulty. It has to be a genuine fault. In most high street stores they will take 10% off an item if it is faulty. However if the fault is significant then they can sometimes take more off. Usually if you have the faulty discount it then means that you cannot return or exchange the item. So make sure you are able to fix the fault. 

3. In-store magazines
I went into River Island yesterday and picked up their in-store magazine by the shoe section. The magazine is free and when I opened it there was a discount on full price womenswear. You can save 20% when you spend £55 or more on full price. Enter the code STYLEW0914.  This offer is only valid from the 12th-19th of September and is for their website only.  


1. Collect from store
When shopping online I always hate paying the post and packaging. A lot of stores now offer a collect from store option. Also collect from store is free! So save yourself the post and packaging fee. This is why I love purchasing from ASOS because they are the only brand I know that does free post and packaging to your house.

2. Hangers
Whenever I shop in store I always ask for the hangers. I usually ask in Topshop or other Arcadia brands because their hangers are actually quite good. Stores won't give away their wooden hangers and I know a couple of stores who won't give out hangers. Although if you don't ask you won't get! It's all about pleasing the customer.

3. Comparing prices In-store and Online
If there is an item I like in River Island I usually will check if ASOS have it first. ASOS offer student discount where as River Island don't. ASOS sell River Island items and as I said it's free post and packaging. So always make sure you compare prices before you purchase!

Comment below and let me know if you have any tips when you go shopping. It's all about helping each other out.

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  1. I didn't realize that asos do River Island items! I've been missing out on my student discount all this time haha :(


    1. I know! I only recently discovered it. Although keep in mind ASOS may not sell every single River Island item that is on the River Island website. But it is always worth a look



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