Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Bestival 2014

I finally have internet connection! I'm back from Bestival. I went with two of my friends from work and had the best time ever. So I do apologise for the neglect on my blog and my Instagram. Internet connection was not my friend. I have decided to do a blog post showing my experience at Bestival. So not my usual fashion post but figured you guys might be interested. To get to Bestival we took the coach and ferry. The first photo shows us on the ferry at Lymington when we were all clean.

For our first night we went round and explored. The first place we went was a bar called Aperol Spritz. They had a photo booth so we got a cheeky snap too.

Be warned there are many selfies. This is when my hair was still clean. This shows me at our campsite. We camped in the Blue Area next to some really nice Liverpool lads. The Blue Area is known as the quiet area so fortunately we were able to get some sleep. We also camped near to the field of cows.

Heres a selfie by the massive disco ball. The theme was Desert Island Disco. So hence the massive disco ball in the background.

Here's a picture of Sam Smith. Beautfiul voice.

 We also got a bit of face painting done. I went all out with bright pink and glitter.

London Grammar were probably one of my favourite bands who played at Bestival. I never use to listen to them but after seeing them perform I would definitely listen to them. Whilst we were waiting we bumped into my brother and his mate and took some more photos.

My brother wearing the Listerine hat.

 The Port Stage

The last and best performance of Bestival: Chic. Nile Rodgers was absolutely amazing. I pretty much knew every song they sang. I may have lost my voice due to their performance. At the end of their performance there were fireworks and the massive disco ball went up in the air and lit up. Terry <3

Here are the two Liverpool lads we camped next to in the Blue area. Their accents were amazing.

After walking all the way up the hill to get the coach we had the beautiful view of the festival. This was the last picture I took.

Bye Bestival. Comment if you went to Bestival and what was your best bit about it. I will have more photos from my disposable camera once I get it developed. I will also be doing more outfit posts now I'm back in my home town.

For more pictures and information about Bestival visit their website:

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  1. Bestival looks so cool! Hope you had a great time (Certainly sounds and looks like it).I am sooo tempted to go this year so im so glad I have seen this post as I will definitely go now! Any advice for someone going to a festival for a first time? xx


    1. Yeah it was great thanks :) Yeah I would definitely go! I've also been to Reading. If you've never been to a festival before I recommend going to one that is close to you. Or even trying out a day festival first just to get a feel for it. Also if you are going to be camping make sure you camp with people you know and like. I went with two friends from work so I had a great time :) also dry shampoo and deodorant is a must!


  2. great photos! looks like you had an amazing time. I unfortunately havent been able to go to any festivals this year which sucks! would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Thanks lovely. Don't worry, I didn't go to any festivals last year. Although this has got me in the mood to go to more festivals next year. I forgot how fun they are :) You should definitely go next year! Yeah sure I shall check it out


  3. Awww, it looks like you and your friends had a great time. Bestival seems like so much fun!


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