Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fall Essentials

Okay I have been going a little crazy recently buying clothes for Autumn. I have just gone back to University so I have been eyeing up a couple of bits. I have a tendency to gravitate towards anything fluffy or tartan. Winter is the perfect time to play around with textures and layering pieces together.

The first couple of items are from the lovely Oasis. I recently purchased a Bomber jacket from the Peter Ting range Oasis came out with. I really like the way bombers look. I think they are the perfect transitional item. Especially when the weather is being indecisive. I have been thinking about purchasing one in black just because black goes with everything. The great thing about this one is that it has a jacquard finish.  

The next item is the Tartan trousers. Tartan never goes out of fashion and this particular tartan is classic. I love the fit of their trousers. Although I do recommend going a size down in these. I am a size 8 in these style of trousers.


If any of you guys really like tartan then I recommend waiting for their tartan Katy Coat they will have coming out soon. I have seen it in their promotional boards in store and it really is beautiful. Unfortunately it is not online or in store yet but should be coming out soon.

This next item I plan on getting on Uniform is this mixed match rose tee. I love the print and the mix in the colour palette. The back is slightly longer than the front and this is always flattering.

The last item from Oasis is the Dora Back Pack. I think the shape of the bag is so cute. It reminds me of going back to school. Because it is quite long I may purchase this to see if my Mac will fit in it. Finding a bag that will fit my Mac in is incredibly difficult.

Topshop have had a couple of fluffy items which I can't help but stroke. I have to admit I couldn't decided whether I liked this top or not. I love the fluffy edge but then it does remind me of a Christmas decoration... Saying that it has now sold out so I'm not the only one who likes it. I think it is very appropriate for the Christmas period. 


I did purchase this next item. It's a fluffy clutch bag! They have it in pink and black. I preferred the black one. I felt that the black one would go with more outfits. It has magnetic clasps to open and close and the bag itself is really big. So it will be perfect for a night out.

The last two items are from H&M. I plan on having a massive shopping trip to H&M because they are doing 20% off for students until the 5th of October. There are loads of big bags at the moment. I really want to get one for my Mac to fit in. These bags are actually big enough to fit a 15" Mac. Here are two styles that I really like. The burgundy bag is the same one Tanya Burr just purchased and showed off in her latest haul.

I will have a couple of outfit posts up next week. I have been really busy going back to University. I also have lots of exciting things planned for the near future. At the end of November I am going to New York as part of my University course. So you guys can look forward to outfit posts in New York. WOOOO!



  1. Love that Burgundy handbag :) and also the bomber jacket!

    1. I know the burgundy bag is so nice. Tempted to get it just cause Tanya Burr has it :P I love a bomber too



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