Sunday, 31 August 2014

Provence Floral Trousers

Okay another item from Oasis but I have been working loads recently so it was just bound to happen. I purchased these trousers on uniform. I am really liking their printed trousers a lot recently. The fit and style of them are incredibly flattering. I'm always worried with having print on the bottom half it may accentuate the wrong parts. However for some reason these seem to show off the right parts. I got these trousers in a size 8 if you are curious about the fit. I found they were more fitted around the top half however I can still comfortably move around in them. There is a matching top to the trousers.

The boots I am wearing are a recent purchase from Primark. I have been hunting for these shoes for ages. Granted they are not the most comfortable shoes but they are beautiful. They are peep toe with a cut out at the back to show off the heel of your foot. So make sure you pamper your feet before! My favourite part is the zip down the front. These shoes only cost £16. I have seen a pair from Whistles which were £160 so definitely a bargain.

The top I am wearing is available in other colours. I love the cut of the top because it crosses over at the back. Also I like the chiffon material. It looks much more expensive than jersey material.

Boots- Primark

Necklace - Oasis (old)

I decided to include a couple of pictures from later that evening. I went out to a local club in Kingston with one of my friends. I am wearing the same top in one of the other colours.

Shoes - Primark

Necklace - Oasis (old)

I will try and get a couple of other outfit posts up just before I go to Bestival. Look forward to blog posts about my time at Bestival. Also I shall be posting photos on my Instagram.

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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Cath Kidston Tote - What's in my bag?!

Cath Kidston have just launched a new range of bags. Five prints in two sizes. Known as the small tote or the big tote. As part of their new range they have a competition to win a brand new tote. To win a tote you have to take a picture of your bag showing what's in your bag. Ideally you will want to use a Cath Kidston bag although some people have used their own bag. You can share your photo on their website, Instagram or Facebook. To check out a couple other examples go onto their website: 

For my picture I used my mum's Cath Kidston handbag and just placed items I would have in my own handbag. Of course there are loads make-up items from brands such as Benefit and Mac. I'm also known for my statement necklaces so I had to include one. And then I included the standard  essentials; my purse, keys and phone. I happen to have a little Cath Kidston Cover for my kindle and a little purse for my Oyster card. To capture this photo I placed the items on a wooden floor. I thought the wood made the objects stand out because of the contrast of colours.

So get snapping and sharing photos of what's in your bag! The competition ends on the 5th of October.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Prepping for Bestival

Okay if you hadn't guessed from the title I am going Bestival this year wooooo! I am going on the 4th of September with some of my home girls. So I felt it would be appropriate to dress up and show you guys what I am planning on wearing to Bestival this year. Keep in mind when I actually go I highly doubt my hair will stay curly or I will have this much make-up on but who cares. I have 3 looks so enjoy!
Look 1

These are actually shorts! It looks like a skirt but gives you the capability of moving around. Also I am not a massive fan of the cut off shorts look. You need to have stick thin legs to pull it off. I think floaty shorts are much more flattering.

These boots literally just arrived on time for this shoot. I purchased them off Ebay! I love the fact they are black so they are wearable but then they still have cute little dogs on them. My wellingtons from Reading two years ago got destroyed at Reading so I was in need of a new pair.

Flower Head Band - (old) 

Wellington socks - Primark

Look 2

I really went for the hippy look here. I fell in love with these glasses. They were in the sale so I grabbed them and I have noticed a lot of other fashion bloggers starting to wear round circle glasses. The jacket is great for layering and chucking over the top of playsuits in the cold mornings. The playsuit just has the embroidery on the bottom part. I decided to pair it with a red belt so it would pick up on the red flowers.

Glasses - Oasis (sale)

Look 3

Now for the final look I have chosen a co-ord. The great thing about co-ordinates is you can easily pop to the toilet at a festival. I strongly advise to stay away from playsuits on the first night out because if you need the toilet after having a bit to drink it can be a struggle... Co-ords are the way forward! 

I have to admit these top and bottoms were a struggle to get hold of because they had sold out in the regular sizing online. I ended up getting the top in a size 12 petite and the bottoms in a size 12 tall. Crazy I know! Although it worked out. I read some of the reviews online and a couple people complained about the sizing. They all advised to go a size up. I'm quite short anyways so the petite top was a perfect fit. Fortunately the shorts have belt loops so I used one of my belts to cinch it in. Please excuse the belt in the first picture. It had a mind of its own.

 I went for glittery eyeshadow too. Festivals are meant to be fun and a chance to experiment with colours and patterns. To be honest I could have gone much crazier with the make-up but felt it was 
better to keep it simple. When I go I may end up doing a bit of face paint.

I purchased this necklace a little while ago from Primark. I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it. Due to the shape, it can be a bit difficult to match with tops. However I felt these colours went together really well. I recommend looking at Primark's necklaces and boots. They have recently been coming out with some great accessories.

Necklace - Primark

Hope you guys enjoyed my festival looks and please let me know what you think! Look forward to seeing anyone else who is going to Bestival :D

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Friday, 15 August 2014

Dstrkt & Signor Sassi

The other night I went to one of my favourite London night clubs, Dstrkt. It's near Piccadilly Circus and just round the corner from M&M World. It's one of my favourite night clubs because it's quite fancy and you get to dress up. So I figured I would post my outfit for you guys first. My friend and I met before at Signor Sassi and went for a lovely meal. I had scampi with pasta and a tomato sauce. It's a lovely Italian restaurant in Knightsbridge Green. The restaurant is slightly hidden away but it is known for all the celebrities and famous people who have been there. All the walls are covered with pictures of celebrities at the restaurant. Every time I go there I'm always eyeing up the pictures.

Here are a couple of photos taken inside Signor Sassi.

Here is a picture taken from their website. You can see all the photos of the celebrities. Keep in mind there is an upstairs swell covered with photos too. 

I recently purchased the skirt from Topshop. The print reminds me of William Morris or a Libertie's print. Also I love how the two side panels are monochrome and the front is in colour. This gives a slimming effect. The top is from ASOS and is now available in two other colours; black and a pale blue.

I have been looking for lace up heels for ages and I managed to find these beauties on Missguided. I think they also come in navy. Be warned they are not the most comfortable shoes. However they are pretty easy to get in to because there is a zip at the back. I originally wanted a black pair but after purchasing the pink ones I realised these went with more. It is a neutral pink so it surprisingly goes with quite a lot. 

The necklace I am wearing was a present from 'I'm a Little Magpie' after my photo shoot with them. If you are interested in seeing more pictures of their statement necklaces I have four blog posts from the previous month.


Necklace - I'm A Little Magpie

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Thursday, 14 August 2014


I just purchased a dress which went into sale. We had a return and it just happened to be my size (10).  I love the print and I may have a thing for hawaiian prints. The great thing about this shift dress is that you can pop it on and you are ready to go. The print really stands out especially in photographs. It's only £20 in the sale.

Shoes - Clarks (Old)

Watch -Radley

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