Thursday, 7 August 2014

My Favourite Fashion Bloggers

I got inspired to do a post on some of my favourite fashion bloggers after stalking a couple of profiles. I think this is a great way of communicating with other bloggers and finding out about bloggers who you may not know about. I would just like to point out that the bloggers I have chosen are tailored to my taste and sense of style. Also keep in mind I am new to blogging but I don't seem any harm in spreading the blogging love. So here we go.

1. My first favourite blogger who I have been following for ages is:
Lily Melrose -

I first came across her through Youtube and she was one of the first fashion bloggers I followed. I remember seeing her in a grey waterfall jacket with faux leather sleeves from River Island and I fell in love with it. I ended up purchasing it and wearing it all the time in 6th form. I got so many compliments on that jacket and I have not stopped following her since. I have also just purchased this co-ord she is wearing in the picture above. Mainly because I love the zig-zag print and I am planning on wearing it when I go to Bestival.

2. My second favourite blogger is:
Dulce Candy -

She is an American blogger. Again I came across her blog through Youtube. I love how she poses and her sense of style is incredible. She really experiments with accessorising and has fun with it. Which is what I love about fashion.

3. My third favourite blogger is:
That Pommie Girl -

I recently came across 'That Pommie Girl' through Instagram. Her Instagram is amazing and is such an inspiration. I have found myself checking her fashion blog nearly every day. She is a UK blogger and posts items from high street brands which are affordable for students like me. I love her use of pastel colours and she knows a good co-ord.

4. Seeing as I am posting about fashion bloggers and I have decided to post about a couple of bloggers who I know through University.

Susannah Zabelle -

I have to admit I really like the layout of Susie's blog. It looks really professional and I like the design  of her Instagram pictures across the top. My favourite blog of hers was the 'Crops and Shorts' post. I have the same mint jumper with the lace trimming. I like how she paired it with the floral shorts. The great thing about fashion blogs is you can see how other people have styled an outfit. It allows you to open your mind and try out different ways of styling outfits.

5. Copper Garden -

I have only spoken to her once but she was a really lovely girl. She's been blogging for ages and her blog is honestly amazing. You can tell she's puts a lot of effort and hard work into her blog and it shows. She experiments with her styling and puts things together in a cool and edgy way. I have more of a girly sense of style however I still like looking at her blog for inspiration. Especially for layout and blog post ideas.

6. My last fashion blogger who I literally came across the other day is:
Charlotte's Web of Fashion -

I find the best way to come across other fashion bloggers is either through Youtube or Instagram. I have just stumbled upon them by accident and fallen in love with their sense of style. Theres no harm in a little social media stalking...

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  1. I love That Pommie Girl! Thanks for introducing me to some new bloggers!
    I've also nominated you for a Liebster Award as I really love your blog :) if you wanted to answer my questions they're on my blog!

    Becki xxx

    1. I have to admit she is probably my favourite fashion blogger at the moment. You're welcome :) Aww thank you for nominating me. Yes I shall head over answer them :) I have followed you on Bloglovin so please follow back


  2. I'm also such a big fan of Lily, Sarah and Dulce Candy! Lily will always be my ultimate inspo for almost everything!

    Just followed your blog on bloglovin! Would love if you could check out my blog back!
    Keep in touch!

    1. I really like Lily's choice of prints. She's got a great British taste. Aww thank you for the follow. I shall follow you back :)


  3. Thanks for sharing these bloggers! Always looking for new people to follow and be inspired by!

    xx Bee

    1. You're welcome :) I love seeing new bloggers too. I always stumble upon different ones. After making this post there was so many other bloggers who I forgot to mention. So I may make another post on fashion bloggers :)


  4. Aww thank you Sophie! Your new blog is looking amazing, love the layout! Hope you are enjoying your summer xxx

    1. You're welcome :) Thank you :P I'm much happier using blogspot than wordpress. Yes I'm having a great summer although I'm kinda excited to go back to Uni in september. I hope you are enjoying your summer too xxx


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