Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Richard Nicoll Internship

I interned at Richard Nicoll for 4 weeks and learnt so much there. Whilst I was there I got to help out with the Sales and Production department. The colleagues were all lovely and I got to meet a couple of other people who were at the same University as me.

Whilst I was there I had the opportunity to help out backstage for the Richard Nicoll show at LCM. I helped dress one of the models called Jester. He was lovely to chat to but he soon had to run off to get to another show. It was my first time dressing a model so I was a bit nervous. For my model I had to make sure he was wearing Richard Nicoll underwear which was slightly embarrassing to ask... Fortunately he had already changed in the toilets and I avoided complete embarrassment. Below is a picture of Jester!

For the show me and two other interns had to arrive at Victoria House early to help get the clothes out from the 
van. We were waiting around for a bit so it was the perfect opportunity for a couple of selfies...

Here are a couple of other photos backstage at the fashion show.



For more information and pictures on the Richard Nicoll Menswear SS15 Show look at :

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take many other photos during my internship because there were strict rules about taking pictures in the Head Office. Whilst interning I got to visit the Sketch Restaurant on Conduit Street to drop off some of the Richard Nicoll's Boiler Suits. The Boiler Suits are meant for the staff at Sketch. They currently have a David Shrigley exhibition in their Gallery where you can eat afternoon tea or dinner. Unfortunately I didn't get to see this room but I got to sit in one of their other rooms and was offered free drinks until the lady was finished with her meeting.



That was definitely an exciting adventure for me because I am a massive David Shrigley fan. I'm such an art nerd at heart.

For more information on the David Shrigley artwork at the Sketch Restaurant visit their website:

The one thing I will definitely not miss from working at Richard Nicoll was the journey to get there. The Head Office is in Shoreditch which would take me two hours to get there. After doing this for 4 weeks it really takes it out of you. I was happy to come home after a long day and just eat and sleep. My social life had pretty much gone out the window because I also had to keep on my Saturday job to have some form of income.

I recommend if you are planning an internship it is best to save up as much money as possible because travel is expensive and you will want the occasional Starbucks here and there. I'm happy I had this great opportunity and am looking forward to planning my internship for next year. I definitely think I may intern somewhere a bit different for next year just so I can get a broader experience. Also after interning for a Designer I think I might be more suited for a high street brand. I have quite a girly sense of style and I want to work for a company where I can express this and use it to my advantage.

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