Thursday, 23 October 2014

Design Your Future - Catherine Kelly

Oasis will be coming out with a new range in November called 'Design Your Future' by Catherine Kelly. Oasis and Ireland AM worked together to choose a winner for the 'Design Your Future' competition. It gave Irish Fashion Graduates a chance to show off their work and have the opportunity to work at Oasis Head Office for a year with their Design Director, Clive Reeve. I find this so inspirational and it gets me so excited for the year ahead because I will be interning at their Head Office in March.

The collection is inspired by the film 'Clueless' and the 90s. So the range has lots of check prints. They have kept it very girly with the soft colour palette to suit the Oasis customer. My favourite piece from the collection is the check swing coat. Which I may be planning on buying but don't tell anyone.

Here are a couple of screenshots taken from the two videos. Sneaky peak of the collection.

Here is an Instagram picture of Catherine wearing the check swing coat. This is the coat I want! 

To see more of the collection click either of the links below. I managed to find a couple of videos online showing the collection and an interview with Catherine Kelly in the Head Office. Hope you enjoy the videos and are excited for the new collection. I am!  



  1. Wow, that coat in the last picture is really cute!
    I think it's a little funny that the plaid/checked prints were inspired by "Clueless," just because Cher and Dionne were really wearing Burberry. :o)

    1. I know, I've had my eyes on it :P Yeah Burberry should get the credit aha. Although "Clueless" was such a great film. Got to love a bit of check and plaid :P



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